Bachata Course with Alex & Aurelie

The perfect bachata course for beginners and intermediate level. We take your from A to Z with our system focusing on technique, musicality, fundamentals and combinations. At the end you´ll become the best social bachata dancer you can be :)



Lesson 1 : Basic step

Lesson 2 : Turns

Lesson 3 : Musicality

Lesson 4 : Rolling

Lesson 5 : Position changes

Lesson 6 : Lanzada

Lesson 7 : Break forward

Lesson 8 : The slide

Lesson 9 : Introduction to Sensual bachata

Lesson 10 : Shoulders isolations

Lesson 11 : Chest isolations

Lesson 12 : Hips isolations

Lesson 13 : Isolations combination

Lesson 14: Body wave

Lesson 15 : Quick body waves

Lesson 16: Body waves with music

Lesson 17 : Body waves in partnerwork

Lesson 18 : Body waves front and back

Lesson 19: Combos Body Waves without music

Lesson 20: Combos Body Wave with music

Lesson 21: Small head roll technique

Lesson 22: Big head roll technique

Lesson 23: Styling on head rolls

Lesson 24: Head rolls with music

Lesson 25: Combo travelling around without music

Lesson 26: Combo travelling around with music

Lesson 27: Combo travelling around without music + styling

Lesson 28: Combo travelling around with music + styling

Lesson 29 : Combo rolling / body waves - Block and tension

Lesson 30 : Combo rolling / body waves with music

Lesson 31 : Combo Body waves / Variation 1

Lesson 32 : Combo Body waves / Variation 2

Lesson 33 : Breathing technique

Lesson 34 : Leading / Following technique - Connection


Musicality class


History class


Footwork class


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Let´s Dance Bachata - The complete Bachata Course

Unlock the passion and elegance of bachata dancing with Let's Dance Bachata's online course. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive program offers expert instruction, interactive learning, and a vibrant community of fellow dancers. Explore diverse styles, connect with global enthusiasts, and express yourself through the enchanting rhythms of bachata. Join us today and step into a world of dance, connection, and self-expression. Let the music move you; let's dance bachata together!