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Alex Alberola is not your typical dance enthusiast; he's a true mover and shaker in the world of Latin dance. His journey began over 15 years ago, founding the Ballroom Salsa dance company in late 2010. Originally, it was all about Salsa On1 and Ballroom Dance, but Alex's passion led him to specialize in Bachatango and Bachata Sensual.

Before becoming a bachata dancer, Alex honed his skills as a judge, coach, and ballroom dance teacher. He learned from the best, attending workshops and classes with renowned dancers and even performing with prestigious companies.

But Alex didn't stop there. He's been a driving force behind Bachata Sensual in Barcelona since 2010, helping this style gain popularity and introducing it to the region.

Today, Alex takes their show on the road, wowing audiences at international bachata events and teaching workshops worldwide.

Beyond performing, Alex wears many hats in the dance world. He's an official judge in dance competitions around the globe, offering his expert perspective. He also organizes top-notch events like the Top Bachata Festival and BachataStars International. Plus, he's a go-to consultant for dancers, schools, and event planners, sharing his knowledge and experience.

But what truly sets Alex apart is his dedication to teaching. His Bachata certification courses for teachers have empowered countless individuals to spread the joy of dance. With hundreds of thousands of students worldwide over the last 15 years, Alex is a pioneer of sensual Bachata and a dance force to be reckoned with. His story is proof that anyone can find their rhythm and make a mark in the world of dance.

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Biography of Alex Alberola

Alex Alberola embarked on his dance journey at the young age of 15, initially immersing himself in the world of Ballroom dance. By the time he reached 25, his dance horizons expanded, leading him to embrace Cuban Salsa, Salsa On1, Salsa On2, and eventually, the alluring realm of Sensual Bachata. Notably, Alex emerged as the trailblazer of Sensual Bachata in Barcelona, eventually becoming one of the earliest international Sensual Bachata instructors, sharing his expertise and passion across the globe.

Over the past two decades, Alex has achieved a multitude of milestones. He graced the podiums of the inaugural Bachata competitions, earning international acclaim for his talent and dedication. His love for dance has taken him to countless countries, where he imparts his knowledge of Bachata to eager learners.

Alex's specialization lies in the fundamentals and techniques of Sensual Bachata, with a keen focus on musicality and its rich history. As one of the pioneers in Sensual Bachata instruction, he has nurtured teams of dancers across the globe, spreading the joy of this unique style.

In a groundbreaking move, Alex developed a comprehensive methodology and certification course for teachers, setting the standard for Sensual Bachata instruction worldwide. His methodology has inspired and trained numerous teachers who now share his passion and expertise.

Alex's influence extends to the judging arena, where he has been a discerning presence at major dance competitions worldwide. His discerning eye and expertise have graced events such as Bachatea World Masters, Bachatastars International, Bachatarte, World Latin Dance Cup, and World Salsa Summit. Notably, he holds official certification as a judge for Bachatastars International and World Salsa Summit.

Beyond his role as an instructor and judge, Alex is an accomplished organizer. He has co-organized a variety of festivals and competitions, including the Mediterranean Dance Congress, Mediterranean Sensual Congress, Barcelona Summer Camp, Top Bachata Festival, and Bachatastars International, among others.

Today, Alex continues his globetrotting adventures, dedicating his time to nurturing the next generation of dance teachers and performers. His primary focus is on coaching, mentoring, and consulting for dancers, dance schools, competitors, event organizers, and fellow judges. Alex Alberola's unwavering commitment to the world of dance has left an indelible mark, shaping the dance landscape and inspiring countless individuals to follow their passion for dance.

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