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Intermediate / Advance footwork (Not for beginners)

1 hour of coregraphed footwork. All steps you can use later during your footwork in social dance. It´s a challenging class for dancers with at least intermediate level.

Bachata Musicality (All Levels)

Theorical class explaining all the instruments used in bachata with music and examples. Perfect class to understand the structure of a Bachata song and all the instruments used to be able to improvise better in social dance.

Bachata History Class – Bachata origins and its development to Sensual Bachata. (All Levels)

Powerpoint presentation about the history of bachata. A must class to understand the origin of bachata, how it orginated and how it developed during the years until nowadays. A class that every bachatero should take.

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  • Alex Alberola Alex Alberola


  • Nivel Medio
  • Sonido en Inglés
  • 4 vídeos con contenido exclusivo
  • 3 horas y 33 min. de vídeo bajo demanda
  • Acceso en pc, tabletas y móviles
  • Cámara lenta y rápida
  • Acceso de por vida